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We are an experienced multi-disciplinary practice providing a range of innovative contract management and construction claims and dispute resolution services.

Kenzie Project Services

Extensive experience ensures that we meet client's individual requirements, from project planning to contract management.

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construction law and dispute resolution

Our team of construction claim professionals are experienced in both dispute avoidance and resolution, and will help resolve issues quickly and effectively.

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With a unique blend of technical, commercial and legal knowledge and experience, we provide responsive, high quality multi-disciplinary dispute services to our clients.

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The owner is driving us to a dispute!! Contract management and what to do about it. Part 6 of 6.

Having examined the tactics owners use to bend the rules on major projects in my last series of blogs, I’ll…

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What Makes Claims Consultancy Fun?

It may sound very flippant to suggest that claims consultancy should be ‘fun’ work – but we all need to…

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Cash flow issues: We’ve been paid for it in the interim payment; you can’t knock it out from my final account!

Within our industry, on construction contracts with small margins, maintaining a healthy cash flow is important to all contractors. On…

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