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Accuracy of UK Construction Pipeline in Question

KPMG has recently questioned the accuracy of UK Government’s construction pipeline after approximately 886 projects disappeared during the last year. This equates to a huge 28% of projects disappearing from the pipeline since December 2014.

 The drop in the project pipeline comes mostly from the transport sector where £6.7bn worth of schemes have been dropped. Further decreases come from housing regeneration schemes which have seen a £2.8bn drop.

 According to KPMG, the decrease in the number of projects is largely due to potential projects being removed from the pipeline in order to avoid pre-empting decisions in the upcoming spending review, however many projects have simply been completed since December.

 Further analysis into the pipeline discovered that 1,784 projects had no specified start date, raising more questions about the accuracy and completeness of the data.

 A more stable and accurate pipeline would give the construction industry a much clearer visibility of future demand and therefore the ability to plan for that demand.

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