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Do you check that you, as a cost consultant are worth your money?

Do you add value? A question often asked by clients, yet a question that many a consultant don’t want to hear. There will be those consultants who turn up knowing full well that they are not fully able to deliver what they have promised – circumstances may have pushed them into consulting. There will also be those consultants who strive every minute of their paid-for day to deliver value to their client.

Which category do you fall into?

I write for the Kenzie Group but I am not employed them. I have spent a lot of time in consultancy and around a lot of consultants and have seen a range of value added and I can say without fear of contradiction that Joe Bond – the Kenzie boss – absolutely works to give value every paid day. He is a grafter who delivers results and his reputation reflects that. He is personable, he communicates constantly, he is straightforward and honest, he doesn’t over-promise nor under-deliver.

What does your reputation say about you?

Turn your analytical skills on yourself. Create one of your checklists to identify what has gone wrong – address it if you can, get help if you can’t.

What could be on the checklist:

• Do you, as a consultant instil confidence in the client?
• Do you listen?
• Do you know what you are talking about?
• Do you have a structure to follow?
• Can the client see that you have a beginning, middle and end so you manage their expectations?
• Do you keep the client up to speed with what you are finding?
• Do you talk too much or do you stick to the point?
• Can you read people or do you behave the same way towards everybody?

Hold a mirror up to your face and take a long look at what you see – the person looking back at you is in total control of your life. Do you have 100% faith in them?

Penny Whitelock FinstLM

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