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The Secret Seven – what clients really want from consultants

For too long, consultants have been second-guessing what clients want in the construction and engineering industry, and at Kenzie we believe this needs to change.

Throughout February 2016, we surveyed a number of commercial managers from major UK construction and engineering firms to find out what they value most from consultants.

The firms, which included ABB, The Wood Group and Galliford Try, said that they place the most value on the following factors when working with consultants:


Confidence that consultants will do the job well.

Transparency from start to finish.

Asking enough questions to gain an understanding of the business.

No surprises.

Seeing the same faces rather than lots of different people.

Timely results.

Interestingly, value for money does not appear amongst the top results, and cost and pricing are not mentioned in the survey findings at all. In fact, it was explicitly mentioned during the interviews that cost was not a driver.

What clients say they prefer is experiencing fewer false starts, and a working relationship wherein the consultant takes the time to really understand the client rather than diving headlong into the work assuming that they have all of the answers.

This type of working relationship builds trust and creates an environment where clients feel they are respected, allowing consultants to do their best work.

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Penny Whitelock, May 2016

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