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Construction Delay Expertise & Analysis

Kenzie Dispute Resolution services division comprises of highly qualified and experienced construction claims consultants dedicated to helping you to avoid, manage and resolve any construction or engineering disputes which may arise.

Construction Contract Claims - Delay Analysis

Delay Expertise

Construction Contract Claims are complex and almost inevitably include a demonstration of an entitlement to an extension of time, whether it is required to defend against a damages claim or support your own construction claim. A delay analysis is an intrinsic part of many construction claims and at Kenzie we are very experienced at investigating and advising on the reasons why projects have failed to complete on time, due to changes and/or delay events within the both construction and engineering sectors.

We have an excellent understanding of the established retrospective and prospective methods of delay analysis. We also have extensive experience with the leading planning software packages including Primavara (P3 and P6) and Asta PowerProject.

Above all, we understand construction, having worked on live projects for many years this has enabled us to readily understand the effect of change or delay on the construction schedule, thereby being able to demonstrate cause and effect and prove your entitlements.


Forensic delay analysis is the process of collating and carefully analysing through contemporaneous records to ascertain the causes of critical delays on a project and liability for those delays. More and more projects require a construction claim to be prepared or defended and the support of experienced practitioners like us.

Depending on the nature of the delays and the project, as well as the quality of the records available. Analyses can range from relatively simple factual reviews to complex exercises involving the management of large amounts of data and analysis of programmes. In any event, a thorough forensic review of the facts is required, as is an understanding of construction.

Delay analysis should not be a “black art”, at Kenzie we are able to simply explain our approach and the results obtained in a readily understandable to third parties. Thereby increasing your chances of success.