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Sir Robert McAlpine’s US Embassy Project in London Hits Trouble

Steel specialist sub-contractor Severfield could suffer £6 million cost to replace 3,000 incorrect bolts installed on US Embassy project Nine Elms in Wandsworth, London.

Following the failure of several bolts on the project, all 3,000 will need to be replaced. Discussions between the building’s project teams have so far failed to reach an agreement on where liability for the costs should lie.

Severfield was also previously found responsible for defective bolts on the iconic Cheesegrater development in London.

It is reported that the scheme, which has Sir Robert McAlpine operating as the main contractor, has already suffered delays due to ‘design issues’. The main contractor reported a pre-tax loss of £89.7 million in 2013/2014, citing weaknesses that led to project delays and cost escalations.

Disputes between project teams regarding liability of costs can cause significant and costly delays to construction projects, however Kenzie Group’s team of commercial, contractual and dispute resolution specialists can help to keep projects on track and quickly and efficiently resolve disputes if they arise, minimising project impact.

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