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Kenzie delivers support to Middle East project

Kenzie have successfully provided contract management services to an international contractor in the Middle East in the midst of a military coup in the country.

A major petrochemical plant project required support at short notice and the Kenzie team was dispatched to identify, particularise and evaluate changes and claims on the project.

As a result of our careful claim preparation and expert contract interpretation, the contractor successfully submitted an extension of time claim and entered final account negotiations with the client – while retaining a strong working relationship.

Kenzie work on the contract not only resulted in the contractor receiving the  monies rightfully owed to them, but also provided the company with a trustworthy support network for future projects.

The firm had not utilised contract or claim managers on its projects in the past, but having been impressed with our work, asked us to identify areas where risk mitigation could be improved.

We are now in the process of designing and implementing commercial procedures to identify, particularise and submit change and claim events on all the company’s major projects.

Joseph Bond, Kenzie managing director, said: “By tailoring our contract management services specifically to the firm’s own internal procedures and working methods, we have created a collaboration that will add value and save our client money long into the future.”

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