The Kenzie Consulting Group is a team of highly qualified and experienced professional construction claims consultants providing claims management and dispute resolution services within the construction and engineering sectors. Our goal is always to add value to our clients' business.

We are experts at forensic delay and quantum analysis.

All our claims consultants are professionals and are hand-picked for their wide-ranging industry knowledge and experience with backgrounds in construction and engineering. We have extensive knowledge of assignments that have encountered problems and the causes of such, so are well equipped to utilise that expertise to protect your interests, whether that be in dispute resolution or when assessing a potential DSU or BI claim.

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We're not academics

Our practical skills are supplemented with legal qualifications enabling our team of claims consultants to readily understand the legal precedents that relate to causation and quantum analysis under any construction or insurance contract or policy. By using our pragmatic skills and experience we will always ensure that the claimant adequately demonstrates his entitlement.

We don't just sell the dream

At Kenzie we don't just send our best people along to the initial meeting or propose our most experienced experts - never for these to be seen again. We will make sure you have the best person for the job, every single step of the way.

Communication is key

At Kenzie we believe that the analysis of any claim is a truly collaborative process between all concerned parties. Right from inception, we will communicate with all concerned parties our thoughts, strategy, timetable, concerns and opinions so that all concerned can make informed decisions during the whole claim analysis process.

What Do We Deliver?

To put it simply, we deliver exactly what has been agreed, in the format already agreed and, on the date agreed. Certainty, reliability and trust is what we bring to the claims analysis process.

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