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About Kenzie Group

The Kenzie Group is an experienced multi-disciplinary practice providing a team of highly experienced and qualified construction and insurance claims consultants, delay analysts, and quantity surveyors for your construction dispute resolution needs within the construction and engineering sectors.

The group provides qualified and dedicated professionals across the disciplines of contract management, construction and insurance claims management, adjudication, arbitration and litigation.

All professionals working within Kenzie Group are hand-picked for their extensive industry knowledge and experience with backgrounds in construction and engineering.

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We do things differently

Having worked with clients to deliver countless successful projects over the years, we have a thorough understanding of the contracting process and the complications that can occur throughout different projects.

What makes us unique is our ability to provide clients with a full project service from inception to completion ensuring a successful, and risk free delivery of even the most demanding projects.

Where companies find themselves in dispute, whether contractual or as is becoming more frequent, on matters outside of the construction process such as professional negligence or warranties, our Dispute Resolution team is on hand to help minimise the impact.

Our Values

We take pride in the fact that our people work with integrity, loyalty and respect so we ensure that the professionals working on your project or case are people that you know and trust to deliver time and time again as an extension of your team.

As no company is the same, our people will get to know your business on an individual basis to ensure that they work with you as effectively as possible.

Not only this, but our people are also qualified, experienced, and are kept well up to date with changes to processes and legislation, aiding to ensure that your project runs smoothly and is a success.


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10 Days
The original contract duration set out within the Contract. The difference between the Contract start date and Contract Completion Date.
10 Days
This is the period between the Completion Date (either within the Contract or adjusted by officially awarded extensions of time) and the current forecast or actual Completion Date.
Total Period of Construction: Days
The value of the Contract Sum within the Contract plus the value of any approved and agreed variations or other additional costs paid.
An assessment of the additional resources employed by the Contractor on the project, over and above that planned at tender stage.
The amount per day stated within the Contract for liquidated damages or if stated per week, the daily equivalent.
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