Are you a good consultant?

So, are you a good consultant? A bit of a subjective question really but one that you could ask yourself from time to time and then try to come up with the explanation for your score.

I have been working with a consultant for a few months who is a supply chain specialist. We have a warehouse and have lots of skills but we realised that we needed more help to direct us in how to shape the future. He is a serious consultant on a pretty significant day rate and he really came up with the goods. He was a very safe pair of hands for us; from the outset he followed a format of ensuring that whatever he was proposing was properly presented and then trained into the team. He then observed the team taking on the new tasks to ensure he was on hand to offer more coaching if it was needed. He transferred his skills into our business.

He identified a couple of new roles that would strengthen the team, wrote the job descriptions, worked with our HR team to telephone screen and has written and will deliver the hands-on training for the new recruits. Did we need that much help? Yes, we did, we are small team in a growing business and he gave us real value for money. We didn’t agree with everything that he suggested so he modified and refined it so that it was the best fit for us. We are not an easy company, many people are stuck in their ways and weren’t especially helpful when he first started, but he worked at that, he was determined and focussed, he needed to get the job done in the time available. This pragmatic approach left people understanding that the changes were going to happen but that no one would be abandoned and left struggling.

This guy didn’t leave us feeling that he was taking advantage, he communicated well and worked the hours he needed to, he was equally at ease with an intern, warehouse operative or managing director. Whether he had given it thought or not, he presented to us in a way that means we talk about him positively when he isn’t here. Legacy not money meant something to him.

Give it some thought – what do clients say about you when you are not in the room?

Penny Whitelock FinstLM

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