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How executive coaches can support consultants in the field

Qualified executive coaches who have earned their stripes as experienced business leaders are the ones who will make a difference to any individual with one caveat – the individual MUST want to be coached.

If you were looking back three years from now-what would you like to be able to say that you have achieved? Work with a coach and dare to dream – remove all the self-limiting beliefs (excuses) – that you throw in your way and that keep you glued to the same spot. Coaches needs to be able to build trust, mutual respect, and transparency quickly with the client in order to be able to get to a state where very open discussions can be held. This suits the time strapped consultant who just needs to get on with it. Coaching works by leading the individual to their own conclusions whilst the coaches’ skilled use of questioning takes the client to places that they previously lacked the confidence and competence to act on. Coaching opens you mind to new concepts and ways of looking at the world.

What can a coach work on?

This is entirely lead by the client with typical areas being:

Achieving improved performance

Gaining clarity on what is important to them and others

Understanding what is standing in the way of achievement

Identifying significant life changes and then working to achieve them.

Enable the individual to ‘get out of their own way’

The list is endless. Coaching is about change and action, moving from potential to performance. The coach is non-judgemental which enables the client to be totally honest with themselves about the issues that they want to resolve.

If at the end of the process nothing changes, the coaching has no purpose. The confidential manner of this route to personal development suits the consultant who may be looking for work or career changes. They will work with a coach who has skill, tact, and cares about guiding and inspiring the client to achieve lasting change.

Penny Whitelock, October 2016


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