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BREXIT and consultancy – a brave new world

Whilst I am by no means a BREXIT expert, I have read enough to establish one impact that it has had on the consultancy world. Consultancy firms have battened down the hatches and reduced their recruitment whilst they ‘wait to see what happens’. Add to this the fact that we are at the start of a new year which is typically a time for people to think they will do something different, with setting up as a freelance consultant being one of those options.

Our top tip for new consultants facing the exciting and brave new world which BREXIT offers is to join a small firm who is taking on good consultants. The major challenge for the new consultant – and don’t underestimate the size of this challenge – is getting new business. Business mostly comes from relationships with others, trust and reputation; if you are new to the game then you have a limited supply of all of these.

Please note that I said GOOD consultants. Kenzie Group carried out research which indicated that companies are willing to take on consultants for the following main reasons;

• They add to their existing skill base people who can get the job done quicker
• They add to their existing skill base new skills from people who can do what they can’t do
• They want people who bring transparency and honesty.

What companies don’t do;

• They do not look to take on additional cost for no results
• They do not look to take on people who ‘wing it’
• They do not look to take on people who ‘spin the project out’.

So, be very clear about your strategy to become recognised and paid as a consultant. It is a ruthless world to operate in where no-one suffers fools gladly.

Your reputation is yours to build or ruin – are you ready for the brave new world?

Penny Whitelock FinstLM

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