Let’s talk about Competency. How high do you rate on the scale of business partners?

I’d like to take a few minutes to talk about professional competency. A business exists purely to serve its customers. If they don’t do that well then they are unlikely to exist for long. If you are employed as a consultant to work with a client, it is likely to be because they have let a customer down in some way either directly or indirectly. So I wonder, do you actually know very much about your clients’ customers?

Today we are suggesting that there are levels of understanding when it comes to customers: Level 1 being the starting level and Level 4 is the top level. So, on that scale where would you place yourself?

Let’s have a look: If your employer were to say: “Explain to me the significance of specific customer groups of our client” – could you do that? Have a go now. Think of your client and think of their customers – they may be SME’s, one-man bands, multinationals, consumers. Who are they? Whoever they are, what do you know about them? Most businesses have a range of customers segmented by a variety of factors; profit / frequency/ market sector etc etc. So what about your client?

On the other hand you could be asked to talk to your boss about the customers’ lifetime potential value or how you understand the market place dynamics of the client. These represent differing levels of capability or competency – I wonder which level you are operating at?

You may wonder why you might need to know any of this; it’s all about understanding your customers and understanding how their world works in order that you can be the best business partner to them that you can be. Most people don’t think, they just ‘do’, so they don’t realise what is going on around them and how they can offer more value or eek out more value. It may come as a surprise to realise that understanding your clients’ customers is a level 1 expectation of competency, market dynamics is a level 4.

You may think that you are on top of your game and giving the best that you can give, but what are you measuring yourself against? The most successful operators are those who look to self-develop, who are self-aware and who are happy to consider that they could actually offer more. If this is something that you think would be useful to you, contact Kenzie Group and we will let you have more information of how you could ‘up your game’.

Penny Whitelock


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