Kenzie Group Prolongation Claim Calculator

Over the years at Kenzie, we have represented clients on numerous disputes totalling £1 billion in value where we have either prepared or defended prolongation claims. Our experience has been gained across all construction and engineering sectors and has been gained within litigation, arbitration, adjudication and negotiation.

Using our vast experience we have developed our innovative “prolongation claim calculator” wherein we combine our experience, knowledge and skill together with a few simple metrics from your project, to enable you to quickly undertake an initial assessment of the likely value of your prolongation claim.

Clearly, any prolongation claim to be successful, has to be based on actual costs and include detailed forensic calculations. But our calculator will enable you from a very early stage to assess the likely value of your prolongation claim and make informed decisions on how best to manage, resource and pursue your potential claim – view it as the first step in the process to recovering your entitlement.

We believe our “prolongation claim calculator” will help you make the right decisions and ultimately save you money.


Tell us a bit more about your project and in the next step, we can work out what your claim is worth.

10 Days
The original contract duration set out within the Contract. The difference between the Contract start date and Contract Completion Date.
10 Days
This is the period between the Completion Date (either within the Contract or adjusted by officially awarded extensions of time) and the current forecast or actual Completion Date.
Total Period of Construction: Days
The value of the Contract Sum within the Contract plus the value of any approved and agreed variations or other additional costs paid.
An assessment of the additional resources employed by the Contractor on the project, over and above that planned at tender stage.
The amount per day stated within the Contract for liquidated damages or if stated per week, the daily equivalent.