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Dispute Blog

Dispute Blogs

We have worked on numerous disputes in the construction and engineering sectors, ranging from £50K to £250M. Bond’s Bites is a series of construction dispute related blogs prepared by myself, with the purpose of providing pragmatic and practical advice regarding commercial and contractual issues that regularly arise on projects, and that I have experienced first-hand. It is not a legal blog and is not meant to replace specific detailed advice, which would be based upon the facts of the actual issue that you may be encountering, but is merely intended to provide general useful advice. Put simply, my bite is a good place to start to resolve any issues or generally improve your commercial or contractual knowledge.

People Blogs

We all know that people are the most important asset of any business. Our people blogs look at the practical issues and people skills required to be a claims consultant in the construction and engineering industries.

Published Articles

I regularly have articles published in the national and international construction and engineering press. They also appear on our website for your information.

Joseph Bond, Managing Director, Kenzie Group


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10 Days
The original contract duration set out within the Contract. The difference between the Contract start date and Contract Completion Date.
10 Days
This is the period between the Completion Date (either within the Contract or adjusted by officially awarded extensions of time) and the current forecast or actual Completion Date.
Total Period of Construction: Days
The value of the Contract Sum within the Contract plus the value of any approved and agreed variations or other additional costs paid.
An assessment of the additional resources employed by the Contractor on the project, over and above that planned at tender stage.
The amount per day stated within the Contract for liquidated damages or if stated per week, the daily equivalent.
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