Cost Consultant Reputation for Sale…#Marketing Goals

Regardless of your size and status in the business world, as a cost consultant you have to continue to market yourself relentlessly. Think of Coca Cola – one of the superbrands – reports say that they spent £3.3 billion on global advertising in 2013. Even though they are probably the best known soft drinks brand in the world, they never rest on their laurels. Now, that can be for all sorts of reasons – competition is strong in the sector, soft sugary drinks are not fashionable etc. but whatever the reason is, they don’t ever assume that their success will continue with no investment.

What about you?

How much time or money do you invest on promoting your brand? You may have work today but what about tomorrow? The work of cost consultant firms is transient – no job lasts forever and staying with one company for a long time reaps security rewards but it stops you from spreading your name around too. Working on your business takes time and should be given time. So what if you are a small firm or an individual consultant working for another firm – who is telling the world about you? Nurturing strong relationships with the people who work in the business that you are contracted to support is seriously important.

Take some time to observe the people around you – some will be quiet and cautious, some will be bullish and full of themselves, some will be caring and thoughtful, others will be chatty, friendly and entertaining. Take the time to get to know them all – make yourself fit in with them, make an effort to get them to trust and like you – these are the people who are best placed to sell for you. Show a caring person that you also care and they are likely to warm to you and tell others about you; give the quiet cautious people enough time and detail to see that as a cost consultant you know what you are talking about, slow your pace down and give them time to see that accuracy matters – they will sell you to others. Laugh with the gregarious ones – show them that you too have a sense of humour and get the job done; they will talk about you to others. I would spend less time with the bullish people who are likely to be more interested in themselves than you.

Use the resources that surround you – your eyes and ears are great tools for the job. Get to understand people and to like them and they will in turn be the best ambassadors for you that you are likely to find.

 Penny Whitelock FinstLM


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