Consultants Engaging Consultants….

I’m not talking about subcontracting cost consultancy engagements to other cost consultants, I am talking about recognising the value that specialist consultants can bring to your business.

More than anyone else consultants should know that everybody can’t be good at everything and that actually engaging specialist support can get a job done more quickly and more efficiently. The sorts of skills that any consultancy should be looking to buy in if you don’t have it in-house are: PR, marketing and design, social media, HR outsourcing, training and development. Most companies do buy in accountancy and payroll but fear that the other skills will be too costly and deem them unnecessary.

Pause and think a minute about what you stand for – as a cost consultant you need people to trust you. If your business still looks as it did 20 years ago then maybe it is time to tidy it up and bring it up to date. I am always surprised by the number of businesses who do not have up to date websites; increasingly the people buying professional services do all of their research online – usually by mobile phone. If they can’t find what they want easily, they will look elsewhere.

To attract talent to your business you need to not only look current and be easy to find but you need to be able to offer them development and progression. It is likely that you will recruit for the technical skills that you want but the softer skills are something that is trainable and expected by young employees coming into the business. Well-developed soft skills are good for business. It is the soft skills that exist in the hearts and minds and encourage clients to make the changes that they may need to make as result of your intervention.

Practise what you preach – the virtues of employing experts to get the job done!

Penny Whitelock FinstLM

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