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You only have to control your life, you don’t have to control the world. Part 1

You only have to control your life…sounds obvious so why haven’t you done it already? It can be a scary prospect to actually look at your issues rather than everyone else’s. We can all give advice and support to others – why not to ourselves?

This blog is going to give you a helping hand to take a little peek at how well you are running your life with a few ideas of how you can help yourself gain a little more control.

Think about problems that you have:

1. Problems that are specific. For example, “I have a problem with time management” is less specific than, “I lose 2 hours a day commuting to work during rush hour.” You have a better shot at solving problems that are specific.
2. Problems that occur frequently and/or are painful – health problems are often common sources. However, the problem could simply be something that annoys you, wastes time or money, or prevents you from accomplishing a goal.
3. Problems that do not, to your knowledge, have adequate solutions.

I’m confident that you won’t have much trouble coming up with the list. Problems are all around us and solving them offers us opportunities to innovate and gain a sense of control over personal issues.

The good old wheel of life is a great tool to help you. Once you have identified the ‘problem’ areas that could do with closer inspection, put them around the wheel. Then decide how in control of the issue you are on a scale of 1 -10. (10 means it is perfect so it shouldn’t be on there!!)

It might look like this:

Once you have completed it try and define what a 10 would like and then try and define what your score actually means. Spend a few hours on really thinking this through. The more accurate and honest you are with yourself the more likely you are to be able to help yourself and take control.

In our next blog we will give you some tools to start to generate new ideas to help you step by step to improve the situation.

Penny Whitelock FinstLM


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