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Our vast experience of working on construction projects is invaluable when preparing any delay analysis.

delay analysis

A delay analysis is an intrinsic part of many construction claims and our delay experts are experienced at investigating and advising on the reasons why projects have failed to complete on time, due to changes and/or delay events within both the construction and engineering sectors.

We have an excellent understanding of the established retrospective and prospective methods of delay analysis, including:

  • Time Impacted
  • Collapsed As Built
  • Windows
  • But For Analysis
  • As Built Critical Path

We also have extensive experience with the leading planning software packages including Primavara and Asta PowerProject.

practical experience

Above all, we understand construction, having worked on live projects for many years and this has enabled us to readily understand the effect of change or delay on the construction schedule, thereby being able to demonstrate cause and effect and prove your entitlements.

This experience enables us to pragmatically ascertain the true cause of delay and avoid wasted time and effort pursuing analyses that fail to progress the matter.