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Experts, how they can add value: aglobal giant entered into a contract for the design and construction of a £1 million service centre in Stafford and then faced an ambiguous proposal and unacceptable pricing from the developer. This risk was successfully managed and mitigated by the Kenzie Group experts.

The Case

Having purchased the land and agreed on the developer, a contract for the design and construction of the revised service centre was to be entered into.

From the outset our client was comfortable that the developer understood what its requirements were. However, when it was agreed that the original scheme was to be redesigned prior to obtaining planning permission, the developer re-priced the whole project. The newly submitted scheme and price were above the acceptable price level, further to this the specification was unclear and our client did not have the confidence that it met with their requirements, putting ‘value for money’ in question.

Joe Bond from the Kenzie Group Ltd was instructed to ensure its clients’ interests were protected, immediately the issues were clear:

The price was too high and the spec was too low.

The first task undertaken by the Kenzie Group experts was to ensure that they gathered unambiguous clarity from both parties : the client and the developer. Working in conjunction with them, Kenzie’s were then able to develop and present the required specification – size, standard and quality of materials etc to ensure that this was what the developer was bidding on. Kenzie’s then estimated the build cost and negotiated a ‘fair market’ price for the build with the developer.

The Outcome

The client got exactly the specification that they wanted and substantial cost savings of around 30% were achieved.


The value of using a respected independent specialist can add value before a problem arises just as it can after the event. If you don’t have the communication skills needed to safeguard profit, then find someone who does. The dividends will be worth the investment.

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