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Our Quantity Surveyors can accurately measure and value reinstatement / repair costs following property damage.

quantity surveying

Our skills, which derive from quantity surveying have been developed over time whilst preparing and defending construction claims and makes them an invaluable asset to any client when assessing an insurance claim for material or physical damage.

Our consultants are familiar with all types of procurement, project management and accounting systems and accordingly will be aware of the nature and extent of the evidence that should be presented to support the claim.

property damage

In addition, we have spent a considerable amount of time quantifying losses on construction projects and therefore have a thorough understanding of the working methods, likely unit costs, productivity etc. which will enable us to make a reasonable assessment of the sums claimed or due.

Our cost analysis service works in tandem with our forensic delay analysis service and typically includes:

  • Physical cost / scope of reinstatement
  • Increased Cost of Working
  • Additional Cost of Working
  • Expediting Expenses
  • Prolongation costs
  • Professional Fees
  • Defect rectification scope / costs
  • Improvements