Health and Safety: respect or despair?

The Health and Safety policy and procedures for any company that you work in should be made available to you. Anyone who sits in a H & S session will be aware that whilst everyone else must ensure that the workplace is safe, above all YOU have to make sure for you that what you are going to do is safe.

At Kenzie Group, the claim consultants, by the very nature of their work can end up in dangerous places and so H & S awareness becomes even more important. Unfortunately, we can all become very complacent about it and think we will be alright; that is what everyone thinks until the worst happens and they get injured. We can all tell tales of awful accidents that no one saw coming – but if people were more concerned about their own safety they would place themselves in fewer dangerous situations. Just for a moment cast your mind back to the last time that you were on an aeroplane – did you listen to the safety announcements or were you one of those people who “know it all anyway” and didn’t?

I saw the evidence of an accident recently that could have been fatal – a forklift truck pulled out from behind a transit van in a fairly tight space, and at the same time a young guy drove around the corner blindly (because the transit blocked his clear view).
Three things were wrong here – the transit had parked in a space to be loaded that was a thoroughfare, but ‘it happened all the time – nobody said anything.’ The forklift truck drove off with the forks up,’ it happened all the time – nobody said anything.’ The guy was driving well above the speed limit and guess what? ‘It happened all the time – nobody said anything’ … Well this time all three things happened at the same time and the forks of the truck went through the front driver side window and the windscreen. The driver was trapped in his seat between the two. By some miracle he was not injured.

The HSE were not amused and I hope that none of those 3 events will happen again and if they do that ’someone will say something.’

We have prepared a quick Health and Safety checklist for you to use, see the link below. It does not have anyone’s approval and you really must ensure that if you use the list that it serves the purpose that you want it to. It’s just meant to be a handy help that sparks a thought process – neither Kenzie Group nor the author are liable in anyway for your safety.

Penny Whitelock FinstLM

Health and Safety checklist



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