Is Your Face Letting You Down Or Are You Just Disengaged?

I am always working in businesses, coaching and mentoring the managers and senior executives. Recently for some reason I have met a lot of people who seem to be pretty disengaged. The outcome of this is that the way they present themselves is just not good!

Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the summer holidays and keeping the kids occupied and maybe it’s just that life in business is tough. Whatever the reason, I have spent a lot of time encouraging these people to understand the impact on others of the face that they show to the world.

You have probably come across this before, but I will remind you – every single one of us is being judged all of the time – the minute we enter a room, speak on a phone or just walk past a window; the judgement takes less than 10 seconds to make and it will take something special to make a person change their mind once they have made it up. We judge 3 things: Non verbal behaviour (body language), the words that people use and the tone of voice that they use. Which do you think of these carries the most weight? (Answer at the bottom – don’t you just love a quiz!)

Now if you are disengaged – I am sorry, but it is really evident to everyone else. In the context of the people that I have been working with this bothers me on several levels, but the one that I will concentrate on is that of the role model. Love it or hate the expression, you know what I mean. There are always younger and/or less experienced people who are looking to learn and grow their skills and opportunities; they do that by watching and imitating people who they see as successful. The legacy that each of us leaves is important – like it or not, your reputation is wrapped up in that legacy. If you are disengaged and spending your days moaning and whingeing then what do you think people will say about you? What do you want people to say about you? – If you answer, ‘I don’t care,’ then you are probably disengaged so read on!

If you have gained any level beyond the first rung in your position, there is a chance that someone gave you a leg up or spotted something good in you –it’s your turn to do that for others and the way that you represent yourself really does matter. Treat yourself to a break in a busy café and sit and watch the people; consciously decide how you think they are representing themselves – confident, bored, angry, unhappy, focussed, positive. You will have an opinion – when you realise just how important taking control of yourself is then you will be able to do something about it.

(Nonverbal 70%, Tone 23%, words 7% or thereabouts)

Penny Whitelock FinsILM


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