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Construction dispute: Kenzie untangles M&E contract

The sub-contractor delivering mechanical and electrical services on a historic building of national interest has been paid after we were called in to resolve a construction dispute.

The construction dispute arose when the main contractor in charge of upgrades taking place as part of a £2 million project experienced difficulties in obtaining payment from the end client.

As a result, the sub-contracted firm delivering the works was struggling to obtain payment, and we were asked to provide contract management to resolve the issue.

We conducted a commercial review of the complex M&E package, which contained over 160 variations to the main contract, and clarified all disputed variations with substantial evidence.

Meetings were held with the main contractor and the end client in which we represented the subcontractor, and the need for adjudication was avoided through substantiated reporting and settlements based on industry accepted prices and rates.

Joseph Bond, managing director of Kenzie Group, said: “We were particularly pleased with the outcome of our work on this project because we not only delivered a result for our client – the subcontractor – but we also helped to preserve the working relationships of all concerned parties for the future.

“As well as ensuring our client received all money owed to them, we also assisted the main contractor in getting paid by the end client.

“Projects of this size, often hit stumbling blocks when the issue of payment arises, but we have a long history of successful of contract management and dispute resolution and our expertise proved useful on this occasion.”


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