Leadership. Why should anyone be led by you?

Leadership is a subject that will be written about forever and a day and never was it more appropriate to have a think about why anyone should be led by anybody else including you. We are ‘led’ by politicians – we expect them to have leadership qualities and to understand what it takes to lead people and currently this is coming under a lot of public scrutiny.

As a consultant in a business you are also coming under public scrutiny and, like it or not judgements will made about your capabilities. Consider the various people who you lead, This may be junior consultants, your boss and any of the various client employees where you work, not to mention family members. I include your boss as being someone you may need to lead at times because I work with the belief that the leader is the person who steps up and gives direction when they are the person best placed to do so. E.g. the cleaner if there is a spillage, the fire officer if there is a fire alarm – what I am saying is the leader is not always the ‘boss’.

Read the following and think about which of the levels you are most likely to operate at with the various groups and individuals that you come into contact with.

This model uses 5 levels and is the work of John Maxwell.

Level 1 What drives the follower? POSITION
Why? Rights – people follow you because they have to
Level 2 What drives the follower? PERMISSION
Why? Relationships – people follow you because they want to
Level 3 What drives the follower? PRODUCTION
Why? People follow you because of what you have delivered for the company
Level 4 What drives the follower? PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT
Why? People follow you because of what you have done for them
Level 5 What drives the follower? PERSONHOOD
Why? Respect – people follow you because of who you are and what you represent

Having decided on the driver behind why the various people follow you, you should take some time to reflect on whether you are happy with their reasons for following you and to ask yourself what driver would you like them to have?

Consider when each of them may be appropriate e.g. in the case of ‘Position’ it may be needed in times of an emergency. It is not so great if all of the people who follow you ONLY follow you because you have the title. Moving from one level to another is not necessarily the route that you want to take. If you could accelerate every one of your followers to a level of your choice, which one would it be? What have you done to earn that level and if you haven’t got followers who are at the level that you would like, then what could you do to improve your leadership capability? When was the last time that you were given feedback on the type of leader you are?

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Penny Whitelock FinstLM

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