What Makes Claims Consultancy Fun?

It may sound very flippant to suggest that claims consultancy should be ‘fun’ work – but we all need to have fun and be happy in what we do. So the answer to the question lies in you knowing what it is that makes you happy. There’s every chance that the following list represents a typical week or month in the life of a claims consultant:

• Searching for information that may not be available at all; aka a wild goose chase.
• Trying to get a cast of thousands – who do the same sort of things but in different ways – to agree.
• Not having enough knowledge but being expected to sound like an expert.
• Staying away from home.
• Gaining buy-in from people who fear taking the blame for the claim.
• Hitting time targets.
• Facing specialist claims solicitors.

To be happy and have fun at work comes down to a couple of things; how you feel about the team you work with – the client team and the consultancy team, and the work itself. One or the other really does need to give you job satisfaction and happiness.

There will be good days and bad days like any job, but bad days can be worse because you are away from home and potentially with people you don’t like or who don’t like you. In this case you need an additional skill – and that is the ability to self-motivate. If you don’t like the people, you don’t like the task and you don’t like the workplace then guess what……. happiness and fun will elude you. Ultimately being happy and having fun is in your control.

Penny Whitelock.

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