Its Quality not Quantity that Counts…yes it’s that old chestnut when it comes to submitting your CV

Most of us have heard of the ‘elevator pitch’ and whether you think it is rubbish or not perhaps you can answer the following question in terms of your role as a claims consultant: ‘what do you do?’ and ‘how are you different to the others?’ How long would it take you to make that point to a stranger who may not know too much about your industry? If you can’t make yourself clear, then you shouldn’t be too surprised when people dismiss you without too much thought. Hence, its quality not quantity that counts.

Clarity matters | Relevancy matters | Quality matters

In your industry there is a lot of – when a company needs you they need you now – paying close attention to what it is that they really want rather than sending the same old CV that you send to every job will increase your chances of getting it read properly.

I have read a lot of your CV’s and quite frankly they can go on for page after page making it far too much like hard work for the reader to give it full attention. More is not always better. When job ads go out for consultants, those sending them drown in responses. The CV’s they receive which clearly show no thought or consideration are the ones that go into the bin first.

It is very easy to become arrogant or complacent about it and think that others will do the graft for you i.e. trawl through everything that you have ever done – whereas it should be you trawling through it to make it current and relevant to the reader (potential employer).

My advice would be that if you are a freelance consultant, don’t wait until you next need to apply for a role to look at your CV – look at it now.

Here’s a couple of sense questions that you could ask yourself:

• How old is the information that you are using to illustrate your competency?
• What have you done to remain up to date with technology / new techniques?
• What makes you the best person for the job compared to the other 100 people?
• Are there any gaps that would come to light if checks were made?

Would you employ you for the job that you are applying?

Penny Whitelock FinsLM

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