Recognising People with Talent through Profiling

At the Kenzie Group we have been recruiting for new people. In our industry with the ‘revolving door’ reputation that we have unfortunately earned for ourselves, it is not easy to attract the best people with talent into freelance roles.

We took the decision to really go the extra mile and look at how we could try and get people who have the right ‘fit’ for our client organisations, our thinking being that if we could get better at recruitment we would be less likely to select the wrong people. The CV of a ‘long in the tooth’ claims consultant reads a little bit like the geeks guide to every engineering project that ever happened – they show no personality. We decided to look at how we get beneath the brag list and find the person. We do interview and that does tell us more, but we wanted to try and find a way of digging beneath the surface and finding those with talent. So we have gone down the route of profiling people.

The profile gives us an indication of some of the hidden behaviours that an interview won’t uncover. From using this approach, we have been able to ask questions we would never have thought of, and better able to cut quickly to the chase. The profile we use shows how people react under pressure. Many freelance consultants go into businesses at the sharp end, things are going wrong, costs are rising and tempers are frayed. Having an understanding of our how our team members will cope in these environments enables us to manage them better and to place the right people in the right places.

We have a benchmark for Kenzie People and our approach is designed to help us to attract the best people so that we can then give the best service to our clients.

Penny Whitelock FinstL&M

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