As a Claims Consultant, how self-aware are you really?

My first consultancy contract taught me a rather embarrassing lesson in being self-aware. I was doing a time and motion study in a retail outlet selling the goods returned to the main business – a mail order catalogue. I spent a couple of weeks there working the same shift as their team and then would meet with my team later in the evening to collate and present back data.

I committed two really naïve errors:

1. I sat down on the job: not all day – there wasn’t actually a chair for me. But for odd moments here and there as I found it very tiring.
2. I purchased an item from the shop.

It never entered my head that this would be seen badly by the client workforce. I got on very well with them or so I thought. What actually happened is that they reported me and I was hauled in by my boss to explain my behaviour. Fortunately for me I wasn’t given my marching orders.

I had overlooked how they really felt about me being there and had gotten comfortable with them. They hadn’t forgotten why I was there and they were not comfortable with me – they were ‘playing the game’. I was forgetting how I needed to be self-aware.

I wonder how many of the claims consultants reading this have said ‘the clients love me’, ‘I could get a job here if I really wanted to…’ What else have you told yourself and your mates about how great you are?

Ultimately as a consultant in any business you must add value, you must bring along something they don’t already have or you must be much better than what they already have. Don’t fool yourself that they just love being around you and having you there – they are paying you to be there, they don’t want you there as it is a very clear indication that they have seriously messed up. As a claims consultant you are a very expensive commodity that the person holding the purse strings will want rid of asap – particularly if you are becoming part of the furniture. Don’t turn into a comfy shabby old chair; stay a fresh, modern, cutting edge must-have, that people admire because of your exclusivity.

Kenzie Group develop people to be the best that they can be. This benefits claims consultants and clients alike.

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How Emotionally Intelligent are you?

Penny Whitelock : Director of Learning and Development Strategi Solutions Group

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