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Construction Dispute Resolution

Kenzie Dispute Resolution services division comprises of highly qualified and experienced construction claims consultants dedicated to helping you to avoid, manage and resolve any construction or engineering disputes which may arise.

Construction Dispute Resolution

Construction Dispute Resolution

It’s by no means unusual for a construction dispute to arise in markets as competitively and financially demanding as construction and engineering. On even the best managed projects commercial relationships break down and when this arises Kenzie has a team of claims consultants well versed in dispute resolution and with backgrounds in construction and engineering, quantity surveying and contracting who can help resolve the issues quickly and effectively for clients.

At Kenzie we have vast experience in preparing and defending construction claims, delay analyses and loss and expense or damages claims. We are not academics, but pragmatic professionals with years of practical experience.

Whilst, for any claim that we are involved in, we always strive to achieve a negotiated settlement, sometimes for external factors this is not possible. Therefore, we will advise our clients for each issue the most appropriate method of dispute resolution, in order for a third party to ultimately decide it’s liability or entitlement.


Construction Adjudication

Construction Claims are sometimes resolved by construction Adjudication This is where Kenzie can help. Our experience and skill in analysing or preparing construction claims, together with our pragmatic and factually based approach will be invaluable in any fast paced construction Adjudication. Kenzie have expertise in preparing all the documents required to successfully prosecute or defend your construction claim within Adjudication.

Arbitration and Litigation Support

Preparation, defence, or negotiation of claims for extension of time, loss and/or expense, or general damages. We can;

Construction Dispute Avoidance

Construction Dispute Avoidance

Taking steps to prevent potential dispute either during the course of a project or indeed after completion is crucial to the success of any project and the commercial stability of the businesses involved. This is why the Kenzie Group from the very beginning has incorporated a team of construction claims consultants with specialist knowledge of the industries in which our clients operate.

Our claims consultants provide where appropriate, support for our contract management teams throughout all aspects of a contract.

However we also provide bespoke dispute avoidance services for external clients from the earliest stages of a project through to practical completion and beyond.

We appreciate the impact that contract delays, cost overruns and unplanned risks have on a project and the effect of the resulting disputes on our clients’ businesses. To minimise this risk we offer a wide range of specialist dispute avoidance services include document drafting, contractual reviews, risk analysis and management, together with procurement and specialist legal advice.

Construction Risk Management

We are experienced in the identification, definition, quantification and control of risks and appreciate that risk management is not restricted to the early stages of a project but rather that it is an on-going process over the lifetime of a project. We offer;

Construction Contract Review

Our specialist team can assist you in preparing a contract or reviewing any contract documentation prior to entering into the contract. Our contract review service includes reviewing particular clauses relating to payment terms, retention periods and percentages, variation triggers, compensation events and Insurance requirements. We will also review any restrictive covenants that the contract may impose.

We will review the contract documentation and complete a risk analysis as to what risks entering into the contract may impose upon a party and advise on action to reduce the risk.

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