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Construction Claims Consultants

Kenzie Dispute Resolution services division comprises of highly qualified and experienced construction claims consultants dedicated to helping you to avoid, manage and resolve any construction or engineering disputes which may arise.

Construction Contract Claims

Construction Contract Claims

Construction Contract Claims are complex and require a detailed knowledge of the market sector, the contract documents and the facts. This is where Kenzie can help. Our in depth knowledge of these factors enables us to prepare a robust claim submission. This knowledge is invaluable in the defence and negotiation of a claim.

Construction Adjudication

Construction Claims are sometimes resolved by construction Adjudication This is where Kenzie can help. Our experience and skill in analysing or preparing construction claims, together with our pragmatic and factually based approach will be invaluable in any fast paced construction Adjudication. Kenzie have expertise in preparing the following documents to help you successfully prosecute or defend your construction claim:

Construction Claim Negotiations

Construction Claim Negotiation

Preparing or reviewing your construction claim is only part of what is required in order to achieve a successful resolution of your dispute. Negotiation is probably just as important. Having a well written construction claim or construction claim defense is of paramount importance, but being able to convince the other party to pay up or reduce his expectation, is we would contend, as equally important.

At Kenzie we are experienced in construction claim negotiations and have been involved in claim negotiations up to £100M, we can assist you to successfully negotiate an amicable settlement and thereby retain that all important commercial relationship with your contractor or client.

Construction Claim Strategy

Adopting the correct approach or strategy when defending or prosecuting your construction claim, is of optimum importance. If your strategy is wrong, you will, at the very least expend considerable time, effort and expense researching and analysing matters that although relevant, may not in fact ultimately be critical to the success of your construction claim or at the worst result in you losing your construction claim. At Kenzie, we call this “analysis, paralysis”.

Our experience of major disputes, valued up to £200M, has reinforced the message to us that a coherent and measured strategy, to the collation of records and documents, identification of delay and cost events, ascertainment of delays and all the other analyses that are required, in order for a coherent and comprehensive construction claim to be compiled, is required.

This is why a Kenzie following an initial review of the issues and documentation, we will discuss with you our preferred strategy, so that a coherent team plan can be put in place.

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