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Kenzie Dispute Resolution services division comprises of highly qualified and experienced construction claims consultants that can forensically calculate and demonstrate your entitlement to reimbursement of loss and / or, damages or additional reimbursement. Maximise your recovery by engaging the specialists within the industry.

Construction Contract Claims - Quantum Expertise

Quantum Expertise

Construction Contract Claims require a robust and verifiable quantum analysis to ensure that you recover your rightful entitlements under the Contract. Any convincing construction claim requires a sound legal basis and a factually based detailed delay analysis, but if you can’t convince the other side of your “numbers” then it’s all been for nought!

At Kenzie, we have vast experience of preparing and defending construction claims and undertaking quantum evaluations of construction claims in all sectors ranging up to £200M in value.

We recognise the importance of analysing the Contract to identify the provisions that entitle you to claim additional reimbursement and from these determining “evaluation rules. These rules should then be the road map by which your prolongation, disruption and variation claims are quantified. Importantly, any claim that we produce will be auditable and verifiable thereby enabling us to demonstrate your entitlement to third parties and ensure that the maximum value is recovered.


At Kenzie, we adopt a Pragmatic Approach when preparing or defending construction claims.

Our vast experience has taught us the best approach to take when quantifying and presenting your construction claim. This is derived from negotiating numerous claims over the years and convincing third parties to pay. Accordingly, with Kenzie, you will get a pragmatic factually based construction claim, not an overly theoretical one.

This enables us to advise you, when preparing a construction claim of the likely recovery or if defending your likely expenditure, allowing you to make the necessary provisions and importantly make an informed decision on how best to proceed with your construction claim.

Put simply, our experience has taught us to understand the relevant strengths and weaknesses of any construction claim that we are dealing with and we can advise you accordingly, to make informed decisions and protect your best interests.

Prolongation and Disruption Claims

Prolongation Claims

The prolongation claim is the most common construction claim that we become involved in. For whatever reason, a fairly high proportion of building projects fail to complete on time, and this results in the contractor or sub-contractor having to demonstrate his right to an extension of time, as well as his right to reimbursement of prolongation costs.

At Kenzie, we have experience of investigating and quantifying the prolongations costs that the contractor may incur, and we have used these skills in both preparing and defending prolongation claims. At Kenzie we are highly skilled at:

Disruption Claims

Disruption claims are notoriously difficult to quantify. But this does not mean impossible.

At Kenzie within any construction claim that we prepare, which includes a disruption claim, we have become adept at convincing third parties to pay up. Whilst the success of most disruption claims is determined by the quality of the records available, our knowledge of construction in general and in particular scheduling has enabled us to develop an approach that:

Change Orders or Variations

Change Orders or Variations

On any construction project, changes or variations are expected. Whilst the parties may or may not agree in principle whether a change exists, sometimes the evaluation of these results in parties becoming embroiled within a dispute, this is particularly the situation with regards to complex and high value change orders or variations.

At Kenzie we have extensive experience is particularising, quantifying and evaluating change order or variations, so that a third party can readily understand the factual basis, the quantification and evaluation of the change. Our approach includes:



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