Construction Claims

Our team comprises of highly qualified and experienced claims professionals dedicated to helping you to avoid, manage and resolve any construction or engineering claims which may arise.

Building and Construction Claims

Construction Claims are complex and require a detailed knowledge of the market sector, the contract documents and the facts. This is where Kenzie can help. Our in-depth knowledge of these factors enables us to prepare a robust claim submission and may include;

Construction Contract Claim Negotiations

Preparing or reviewing your building claim is only part of what is required in order to achieve a successful outcome. Negotiation is probably just as important. Having a well written construction claim or claim defence is of paramount importance but being able to convince the other party to pay up or reduce their expectations, as we would contend, is equally important.

At Kenzie we have been involved in claim negotiations up to £100M. We can assist you to successfully negotiate an amicable settlement and thereby retain that all important commercial relationship with your contractor or client.

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    10 Days
    The original contract duration set out within the Contract. The difference between the Contract start date and Contract Completion Date.
    10 Days
    This is the period between the Completion Date (either within the Contract or adjusted by officially awarded extensions of time) and the current forecast or actual Completion Date.
    Total Period of Construction: Days
    The value of the Contract Sum within the Contract plus the value of any approved and agreed variations or other additional costs paid.
    An assessment of the additional resources employed by the Contractor on the project, over and above that planned at tender stage.
    The amount per day stated within the Contract for liquidated damages or if stated per week, the daily equivalent.