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Insurance Claims

At Kenzie we are expert insurance claim consultants, we use our experience of construction and engineering projects and disputes to assist insurance providers, the insured and loss adjusters in the evaluation and settlement of insurance claims.

Insurance Claims

At Kenzie we are expert insurance claim consultants, using our extensive experience of construction, energy, power and renewables projects ensures that we can support insurers, the insured and loss adjusters alike, should a claim be made under an insurance policy and advise of the value of any potential indemnity.

Our expertise stems from working for contractors on live construction projects preparing and defending claims for delay and additional costs to expert witness standards, which coupled with our experience of working on insurance matters, has enabled us to have a value insight into the problems faced by projects of this nature.

Put simply, we believe that we are uniquely placed to undertake a robust and verifiable analysis to ascertain the time and monetary effect of any insurable events and make a fair and reasonable recommendation or evaluation of the indemnity due.

At Kenzie’s we don’t just understand how the claims process works, we understand how this integrates into the insurance process, so that we provide a factually based pragmatic analysis that will ensure the commercial relationships between the insurer and insured are maintained.

At Kenzie we are experts at:

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