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Insurance Claims

Project Monitoring & Repairs

Our consultants can support the insured and monitor the progress being achieved on the project and in the event of an insurable event occurring, monitor the completion of the repair or reinstatement works.

Project Monitoring

Where DSU insurance is in place, it is often a requirement for the new build project to be closely monitored so that the insurance provider is informed of the actual status of the project and the likelihood of any claim arising.

At Kenzie we use our skills developed preparing periodic schedule updates for contractors and owners alike on live construction projects, to assess the veracity or accuracy of the reported progress. In addition, we use our delay analysis expertise to ascertain on a contemporaneous basis, the likely effect of any delay events on the planned commercial operation date.

Our service and expertise includes:

• comprehensive programme or schedule review
• monitoring of construction projects
• independent assessment of project progress
• critical path analyses

Project Reinstatement and Repairs

We can monitor and advise on the development of the recovery or mitigation planning, to reduce the risk of extended delay or business downtime.

We are experts at:

• review of reinstatement & repair schedules
• identification of schedule related risks
• continuous project reviews – time and cost

The reinstatement period can often cause additional delay for numerous reasons, either insured or not. Our involvement will assist in contemporaneously ascertaining liability and potentially reducing the period of delay, thereby reducing the disruptive effect of the event.


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10 Days
The original contract duration set out within the Contract. The difference between the Contract start date and Contract Completion Date.
10 Days
This is the period between the Completion Date (either within the Contract or adjusted by officially awarded extensions of time) and the current forecast or actual Completion Date.
Total Period of Construction: Days
The value of the Contract Sum within the Contract plus the value of any approved and agreed variations or other additional costs paid.
An assessment of the additional resources employed by the Contractor on the project, over and above that planned at tender stage.
The amount per day stated within the Contract for liquidated damages or if stated per week, the daily equivalent.
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