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Tweet Tweet – do you or don’t you?

The researchers tell us that the gap is widening between those who do Tweet and those who don’t. The idea for a business is that the more content you can gather, the more eyeballs will look at what you say (share it and comment thus creating more content), and then the whole lot can be monetised.

I thought that I would have a look at what this fast paced, trend setting content was focussing our attentions on most today – I was a little bit surprised that right up there for today so far is MasterChef and ImpeachTrump oh and of course #Wednesdaywisdom. If this is the top content for today, then why are so many people interested in Twitter?

For companies it is important to have a social media presence. The issue I think that freelance consultants face is finding the purpose to Tweet. Social media channels actually let you get closer to your target businesses than you could previously – but don’t imagine that this is a low effort pastime – it isn’t – it takes time and thought. Twitter can help for people to see that you are authentic – have some fun with them, let them see that you have a sense of humour. You can show people that you are up to speed with their issues and challenges. Kenzie Group go to a lot of effort to be current and share opinions, to build their profile to an audience. Twitter is one route for that. Continuity matters, sharing knowledge matters, being interested matters.

If you have never given it a try and as you read this are raising an eyebrow and smirking, then think about this – I am assuming that when the telephone was first launched for all to use there would have been people raising eyebrows and smirking; when computers and email became widely availably guess what people were doing. Get with the programme. Happy Tweeting .

Penny Whitelock


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