What do you value most in other people?

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The nature of our work is that we meet most of our clients when things have gone wrong. Whether that be something seriously having gone wrong at the back end of a major project or at the front end when they realise that they have committed to a contract that really is not representing both parties fairly.

One of our main intentions is to deliver value to our clients – and whilst that sounds fairly simple, value is actually a very deep word. Value is whatever people perceive it to be – a smile, a reassuring hand on your shoulder, paying good money for knowledge and experience, BOGOF……. an endless list.

Have you ever really thought about what it means to you?

We have identified what it means to us ; it means having empathy and understanding of how our client feels, and listening to what they have to say. Trying to understand the fear that they face in terms of financial pressure, reputation damage, and impact on the livelihoods of others. With this in mind we try to be really clear about what we say to people, not giving any false hope or promises. We don’t rush into giving responses, but neither do we drag things out just for the purpose of increasing our fees.

What we really want is to be seen as a partner to a business, offering expertise for the length of time that they need it. Our industry does not enjoy a great reputation, people are more likely to judge consultants as exploitative rather empathetic. We are now setting out to ensure that Kenzie Group does not have the same reputation as our peers and one of the major steps that we have taken is to establish ‘Kenzie People’ . We are recruiting like minded people who have integrity and believe in getting things right for everyone involved.

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